Monday, March 28, 2016

Overall, we all had positive takeaways from our cross-cultural experience. Each experience was unique in it’s own way, yet there were clear similarities between our three trips. The cultures that we explored were all very passionate about teaching us their ways of life and showing us around their community. Furthermore, the majority of the community members we worked with were warm and welcoming to us when we came. While we were primarily learning about a culture other than our own, our experiences also taught us more about our own culture and ourselves by becoming more aware of little details that we never paid much attention to prior to our trips. We all agreed that no matter where we went, we got out of it what we put into the experience. Going into the trip with an open mind and willingness to learn will give you a better chance of having a more positive experience and you will probably learn a lot more than if you went on the trip just to fulfill the requirement. These experiences also helped us all to gain a greater appreciation for culture and the differences that exist throughout the world.