Wednesday, April 20, 2016

          Experiencing everything life has to offer helps us to grow as people. As students we open our minds to knowledge and experiences in order to help us grow and give us the best possibility at being successful in life. We compound these experiences daily, and everything we know and believe is built off of them. They create thought processes that lead to expectations of what we think should or might happen when we are put in unfamiliar situations. Due to this it is almost impossible to not have expectations of what we believe we’ll experience in new situations. The fun part is finding out whether our expectations have been met or if they were horribly off-base. The Cross-Cultural Experience program at Carroll University is designed to submerse us in different cultures in hopes that it will open our minds to new ways of thinking and broaden our outlook on societies that may hold different values than our own. To be surprised, scared, and to feel just a little alone can enhance our self-awareness and show possible areas of improvement that could be made within ourselves. Collectively we all went to different places, experienced different highs and some lows, but we all emerged feeling that we had been changed for the better. 

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